Anal Sex Afternoons - A Finger or Two Will Do

Evelina Darling

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Anal Sex Afternoons - A Finger or Two Will Do

In today's XXX teen scene Evelina Darling is getting very naughty with her own body! She's in the clinic for a little self-examination, if you catch our drift! This little Russian princess is going to give herself a full body check-up in this sexy solo scene.

Evelina takes pride in her posterior, and so she carefully inspects her curvy ass with her hands to ensure her rump is in tip top shape for this performance. She lets us peer into all of her crevasses as she immediately strips off her booty shorts and reveals her ass gape that's asking to be appeased.

Then getting right down to business, this cutie with the booty delves down to finger her pretty shaved pussy with her digits on the exam room table. And it's clear that her twat is needing the attention as it's dripping wet and ready to be probed!

But anal sex is what she's really after so, ass fingering it is! And you'll enjoy watching this flexible babe go to town as much as much as she enjoys it herself!

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